Training, Seminars & Consulting

Dr. Mulkerne is an accomplished and sought after seminar leader, training consultant, and guest speaker. He has been a featured presenter at local and national conferences, and has conducted training for law enforcement agencies, including the Mobile/Baldwin Office of the F.B.I.and the Mobile County Sherrif’s department; the Army Coprs of Engineers, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Postal Service. As a leader of business seminars, he has lead programs for a number of corporations, hospitals, and professional groups, including I.B.M., Alabam Othopedic Clinics, and Providence Hospital.

Dr. Mulkerne is a vibrant speaker, with a focused maessage, a sense of humor, and is skilled at engaging his audience and creating an interactive, creative, learning experience. He can build a program around yoour group’s needs for an individualized seminar experience, or draw from one of his many prepared programs, including:

  • Coping With Stress in a Crazy World
  • Love Isn’t Enough: Learning how to Talk to the Ones You Love
  • Surviving a Week at Work With Idiots
  • A Crash Course in Leadership
  • Self-Motivation 101
  • Overcoming Anxiety (Without a Prescription)
  • Understanding Personality Disorders in Law Enforcement
  • My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy, and I Buy The Gas!
  • Conflict Resolution in the Office
  • How to Manage People Who Resent Managers

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