I would like to share some kind words from clients I have received. I appreciate the letter from my clients who have benefited from my services. I hope to add yours as well!

Dr. M, Thank you for taking me on such notice and working me in today. My sessions with you always make me feel more focused and better about myself."
Melinda, Daphne
"Dear Dr. Mulkerne, The first time I came to see you, my neice, who you treated for depression, had to bring me as I was too depressed to go anywhere, especially a new therapist. I had seen several, unsuccessfully, and had given up hope I would ever feel normal again. There was something about that first session that was different; I left feeling a glimmer of hope. I told my neice on the way home that I knew you would not give up on me, and your optimism about my recovery had me believing I could improve. I have now reconnected with my two son's, and will be moving in several weeks to Virginia where I will be less than thirty minutes from either of them, or my beautiful grandchildren. I never would have been able to feel alive again or make these monumental decisions without your kindness, support, and talent."
Meredith, Mobile
"Dr. Mulkerne, Mary and I just want to express our appreciation for your time and insight helping put our marriage back together and on the right track. Our kids tell us we act like newlyweds, and they're right! We are so grateful we were referred by our friends who had seen you for help with their marriage. You are a Godsend. Thanks again."
Mary and Jeff, Ocean Springs
"Dr. Mulkerne, You won't believe this, but I actually took my first trip on a plane! I went with my family to Taos, New Mexico skiing! I had a blast, and really like flying. We had some turbulence on the way back, and I was getting my mom to calm down, instead of me freaking out! It was so cool. I can't thank you enough for teaching me how to overcome my anxiety and panic."
Tracy, Mobile
"Dear Dr. Jay, We have our son back! Thank you so much for your sincerity, genuineness, and ability to break through to our son. He's back in school, and has made amazing changes in his attitude towards us, and his future. He has returned to church, and is attending a men's bible study with FCA on campus. You are a blessing to our family, and we can't thank you enough."
Tom and Amy, Point Clear
"Dr. Mulkerne, I want to thank you for your help. My life will be very different because of your words. God bless you."
Karla, Spanish Fort
"My wife Susan had suffered with anxiety attacks since early childhood. Every first day of school she would have to check out by lunch because the change caused her to become anxious to the point of becoming physically ill. She learned throughout the years how to avoid anything that might trigger this type of response. However, the avoidance was not always possible. Even positive changes in life were met with anxious thoughts. Susan later developed OCD in order to try to bring more control to her world but it only ended up controlling her. If she couldn’t complete her specified routine (whether hand washing or wearing particular jewelry each day) she believed bad things would happen. Of course this would be followed with an anxiety attack. For years this placed an extreme amount of pressure on our marriage. She had been to pastors, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, all trying to solve the problem. We went through cycle after cycle of medications trying to find the magic cure, all to no avail. I then began to seek out a doctor who could teach Susie how to face her fear instead of running away from it. I had hoped that by facing her fear and understanding that the threat was not real, the anxiety would be lessened. We searched everywhere around central Alabama and there were no doctors that used behavioral modifications…they all wanted to just treat with medicine. That is until I found Dr. Mulkerne. I contacted Dr. Mulkerne through email explaining the strain on our marriage and he immediately responded with hopeful news. He would see Susan and believed that she could be helped rather quickly. Although it was a two hour drive one way to see him, it was worth every bit of effort. Dr. Mulkerne helped Susie to understand that her OCD and panic were not “mental illnesses” but a result of a coping behavior over a period of years. It simply was a matter of retraining how the brain processes the anxiety and fear. Dr. Mulkerne is a deeply spiritual man who instantly gained my respect due to his caring and realistic approach to the problem. We had about six visits with him and Susie is better now than she has ever been! It doesn’t mean that she never gets anxious but she is now equipped to face it head-on rather than retreat into a dark and frightening place. If you are someone who has faced this problem so long that you feel disheartened like me, I strongly recommend that you give Dr. Mulkerne an opportunity to restore hopefulness and order to your life again."